I enjoy writing great software, clean and maintainable code.


I'm a Web Developer with over 7 years of experience, mainly focused on the back-end and PHP in the past 3 years. I enjoy learning new techniques and practices that improves the way I write code. Testing, writing tools for the command line and software design are among my main interests.

  • Object Oriented PHP (Laravel, CodeIgniter)
  • JavaScript (NodeJS, VueJS, AngularJS)
  • SQL, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB and PostgreSQL.
  • Unit, integration and acceptance testing. TDD.
  • Database and schema design.
  • HTML5, CSS3.
  • Version control with Git.
  • Continuous Integration (TravisCI, Codeship)
  • Build tools (Gulp, Grunt)
  • Nginx and Apache.
  • Ruby, Python and Shell Script.
  • Unix, Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.



Web Developer, May 2011 - Present
  • Object Oriented PHP. LEMP and LAMP stack.
  • Designed and developed an internal API using analytics and social media API's (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Analytics).
  • Developed real time workers to track hashtags on social media for several campaigns.
  • Developed an internal tool to build and download npm dependencies with NodeJS and Redis.
  • Built client dashboards with analytics, social media, email and campaign performance reports.
  • Developed campaign websites for clients like PlayStation, Netflix, Copa Airlines, Volkswagen, Mozilla, Samsung among others.

Rubali Professionals Inc.

Web Developer, Oct 2009 - May 2010
  • Built web-based custom dashboard and client administration tool with PHP and MySQL.
  • Re-designed and developed the company website.
  • Designed and developed various websites for company clients.
  • Flash animated banners, ads and rich media.

Freelance Web Developer

Jul 2008 - April 2011
  • Converting PSD's into hand-coded HTML, CSS and JavaScript with jQuery.
  • Back-end dashboards in PHP and MySQL.
  • Interactive websites made in Flash.
  • Worked on several projects with Joomla!


Atlantic College

Bachelor's Degree on Animation, Sep 2003 - May 2008
  • Mainly focused on animation, multimedia and Flash Development.
  • Gained my first experience on coding websites by hand with HTML and CSS.